What is water treatment? Write its objectives

The raw water which is found in natural sources can’t be directly used by the public for various purposes, before removing the impurities.

For palatability, the water should be free from unpleasant tastes, odors and must have a sparkling appearance. The water must be free from disease-spreading germs.

The amount and type of treatment process will depend on the quality of raw water and the standards of quality to be required after the treatment.

Objectives of water treatment

The following are the objectives of water treatment:

  1. To make water potable.
  2. To remove the dissolved gases, murkiness, and color of water
  3. To kill all the pathogenic germs, which are harmful to human health.
  4. To remove the turbidity and hardness of the water.
  5. To remove impurities up to the level recommended in water quality standards.
  6. To remove suspended impurities such as silt, clay, and sand, etc.
  7. To eliminate the corrosive nature of water effective pipe.

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