What are the factors that affect the demand for water?

The various factors affecting the demand for water are as follows;

  1. Climate conditions

The quality of water required in hotter and dry places is more due to the use of air coolers, air conditioners, a sprinkling of water in lawns, gardens, washing of rooms, etc.

  1. Size and type of community

Bigger the size, the higher the demand due to a lot of public places of utility and recreation such as parks, lawns, ponds of foundations, etc.

  1. The living standard of people

The higher the living standard, the higher will be the demand.

  1. Quality of water

If the quality of water is good then demand will be higher and vice-versa.

  1. Pressure in the supply

Higher in the pressure, loss of water is more and higher will be the demand.

  1. System of supply

There are two types of systems of supply either throughout the day or limited period. Water demand is less in the intermittent system due to many problems faced in this system like limited water, storage requirement, etc.

  1. Cost of water

If the cost of water is higher, demand will be lower.

  1. Method of charging

To sustain a water supply system charging is essential. The various traffic system may be adopted in water supply for charging such as monthly basis or metering system, which affects the demand for water.

  1. Sewerage system

If a sewerage system is provided in the community, water required for flushing and cleaning increases the demand.

  1. Education and awareness of the people
  2. Age of the community
  3. Availability of local resources.

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