What are the different types of water?

The definitions of the different types of water are explained below.

  1. Pure and impure water

Pure water is pure H2o while impure water is H2o with other chemicals. Pure and impure water have different boiling points. Impure water is that water that has impurities such as salts, hardness, metal ions, and so on.  Actually, pure water is never found in nature.

  1. Portable and wholesome water

The water which is clear and free from suspended matter and smell should not contain an excess of dissolved impurities, which is known as portable water. It should also be testy, safe, and suitable for drinking and domestic purposes.

The water which contains impurities up to a certain limit such that it may not be harmful to human health is known as wholesome water.  In other words, wholesome water is that water that is not chemically pure but does not contain anything harmful to human health.

  1. Polluted and contaminated water

Water containing excess amounts of impurities such as minerals salts, gases, micro-organisms, etc is called polluted water.

The water which contains pathogenic bacteria is known as contaminated water. It is always polluted and unfit for use.

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