List out the data required for preparing an estimate.

The data required for preparing an estimate are given below.

 i) Drawings t.e., Plans, elevations, sections, etc

ii) Specifications

iii) Rates

IV) Methods of measurement

1) Drawings

Drawings are required for the calculation of the quantities of the materials The drawings showing plans, elevations, different section and other relevant detail with clear and complete dimensions are very essential before preparing an estimate.

 2) Specifications

Specification describes the nature and class of the work, material to be used, workmanship and is very important for execution of work.

  1.  General Specifications

This gives a general idea about the nature, quality, class and materials in general terms to be used in various types of work.

  1.  Detailed Specifications

These gives the detailed description of the various items of work laying down the quantities and qualities of materials, their proportions, method of preparation, workmanship and execution of work.

3) Rates

Rates are essential for the computation of estimate by multiplying quantities of materials with unit rates. For preparing the estimate the unit rates of each item of work are required.

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