Enlist the factors which should be considered while selecting the intake works of water supply

The factors governing the site selection for intakes are as follows:

  1. As far as possible, the site should be near the treatment plant so that the cost of conveying water will be less.
  2. Locate intake in the purest zone that helps to reduce the load in the treatment plant.
  3. Locate intake upstream of sewage disposal point.
  4. Locate should be such that future expansion is possible.
  5. The intake should never be located near the navigation channels due to the possibility of pollution caused by the discharge of refuge from ships and boats.
  6. Intake should be located in such a place where a sufficient quantity of water is available during the dry period also.
  7. The intake site should be easily accessible during floods and should not get flooded.
  8. In the case of the meandering river, the intake should not be located on the curves however if the is to be made on curves then it should be made on an outer bank so that water is available all the time.
  9. Intake site should be well connected by the good approach of road.

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