Describe treatment process and impurity removal of water

The most and widely used treatment process is as follows:

  1. Screening

The object like trees, sticks, vegetation, fish, animal life, boulder, gravel, etc.

  1. Plain sedimentation

The coarser suspended material can be removed by sedimentation. The process is known as sedimentation.

  1. Coagulation with sedimentation

The effectiveness of sedimentation increased by mixing certain chemicals with water, so is forms flocculent precipitation and suspended particle settles. The process is known as coagulation with sedimentation.

  1. Filtration

The finer particle removed the water through the filter. The process is known as filtration.

  1. Disinfection

The filtered water may contain pathogenic bacteria and by adding certain chemicals such as chloride for cleaning the bacteria.

  1. Aeration

Unpleasant tests and odours may be removed by adding certain chemical compounds such as carbon and ozone etc. The process is called aeration.

  1. Softening

It removes the hardness of the water.

  1. Miscellaneous

It is used to remove iron, manganese and other harmful matter.

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