Describe the types of water-related diseases

The disease caused by contaminated water is known as water-related disease. It may be classified as follows:

  1. Waterborne disease

Water-borne diseases are caused by pathogens carried by water containing sewage contamination. For example; Cholera, dysentery, typhoid, paratyphoid, diarrheas, and other diseases. Improvement of quality of drinking water may check the water-borne disease.

  1. Water washed disease

The disease caused by unhealthy personal hygiene is called water-washed disease. For example; scabies, trachoma, skin sepsis, fungal infection, etc. Healthy personal hygiene alone with an increased quantity of clean water prevents the disease.

  1. Water-based disease

The disease is transmitted by aquatic animals and pathogens spending their life in water-based diseases. For example; water snail, guinea worm, lingo flukes, etc.

  1. Water victor or insect dependent disease

Insects living within the surrounding water sources may carry pathogens and cause disease such insects are called water victor disease. The water-related disease transferred from water by insects is called insect-dependent disease.

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