Describe the selection criteria of a good source for a drinking water supply project.

The following factors are generally considered while selecting a source of water supply for a particular town or city.

  1. Quantity of water

There should be a sufficient quantity of water to meet all the demand throughout the year. City extension and design period must have been cared in this content.

  1. Quality of water

The source should have safe wholesome, free from pollution of any kind and other undesirable impurities. The impurities present in the water should be less as possible and there should be removed easily and cheaply.

  1. Location

It should be near to the consumer’s area or town as far as possible. There may be either surface or ground surfaces and the selection of the source depends upon their factors.

  1. Cost of water supply project

It should be able to supply water of good quality and quantity at less cost. The cost depends upon the location, ground level of the city and source distance between source and distribution area, etc. The gravity flow system is generally cheaper than pumping.

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