Define intakes. Write its basic function and components of intakes.

Intakes are structures that help in safely withdrawing water from the source and discharge that water to the intake conduit through which it flows to the supply line.

The main function of the intakes work is to collect water from the water sources and then discharge water so collected, by means of pumps or directly to the treatment plant.

The basic function of intakes

  1. To ensure the required water.
  2. To reduce sediment entry.
  3. To check trash and debris entry along.
  4. To prevent the entry of ice.
  5. To secure entry of water with minimum disturbance.

Components of intakes

It consists of:

  1. An intake conduit( pipe)

Intake conduit conveys the water from the source to the treatment plant or reservoir or intakes well. It consists of the screen at the inlet end to stop large objects from entering into an inlet chamber and also the valve to regulate the flow of water.

  1. A housing or structure is constructed to support conduit/ pipe, valves, pumps, etc. An intake structure may be a simple block structure to huge concrete towers. It is made up of stone masonry, brick masonry, P.C.C., or R.C.C.  The intake structure should be impervious and designed to resist water pressure, forces due to water wind, floating debris, etc.

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